Temporary Car Insurance for Infants

My four-year-old granddaughter has one of those plastic cars reminiscent of Fred Flintstone with no bottom, so she has to pedal her feet, and with the curved high top like the carry-out tray hooked onto the car in the cartoon. It's bright red and yellow. She calls it her buggy car because I told her, as a joke, it looked much like a VW bug. She runs over our toes with it, drives it around the yard and generally has a blast in it.

Not long ago, my car needed a timing belt but I couldn't afford to fix the car. My son lent me one of his cars but his insurance was maxed out and he couldn't cover me on his policy. I needed a temporary car insurance policy, so I checked online to find one. I was in the process of paying for the ideal policy when the phone rang. I ran to answer the phone but unfortunately left the screen on the computer open. My granddaughter climbed into my chair and began typing on the computer.

You can buy temporary car insurance (for adults!) from this UK site or try www.carinsuranceforoneday.co.uk . Alternatively you can get one day insurance from www.paythroughthenose.co.uk too.

In one of the most amazing events ever recorded, I received a call from the insurance company. The lady was quite puzzled when she asked me if my name was the same as my granddaughter's name. I told her no and asked what the call was about. She had in front of her a computer screen which said that a red and yellow buggy car needed temporary car insurance. I began to laugh, which infected the insurance lady so that she laughed, too. When we could catch our breath, I told her the story.

What was so amazing was not that I received temporary car insurance on my son's car until I could get mine repaired. It was not that I received a wonderful price on the policy. It wasn't even that such a thing existed for people between a rock and a hard spot, like I was. No, the most amazing thing about the story is that at the same time I received a policy for my son's car, my granddaughter received a certificate in the mail, addressed to her. The certificate was for permanent insurance on her buggy car, free of charge.

The last time I saw the certificate, not counting the photos on Facebook and everybody's phones, it was supporting my granddaughter's peanut butter and marshmallow goop sandwich. I think I even saw it in one of her four toy boxes after she rolled her buggy car over it to see if it would stop the wheels of the car. Thank goodness we have those pictures, because nobody would believe this story without them.

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